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Next to trails, people are the greatest asset of any snowmobile club. Generally, snowmobiling in Manitoba is built on volunteer service from many folks in the community just like you.

In fact, since Snopass revenues fall short of paying all the costs associated with groomed trails, it is only through volunteers donating their time, expertise, labour, tools or materials that your club can continue to meet the ever increasing demands of organized snowmobiling.

So if you care about great trails, please consider giving a few hours of your time to your local club as it will make all the difference on the snow.

Through volunteering, you can:

  • Make new friends and trail companions

  • Enjoy volunteering as a family activity

  • Get outdoors for exercise and fresh air

  • Manage a program, project, or event

  • Learn new skills or use your talents to contribute positively to the community

  • Be involved in safety and environment programs

  • Preserve the sport for future generations



























We are currently looking to fill the following Board positions. If you are interested, please contact us at vbsnowdrifters@gmail.com

Events Coordinator
Safety Manager