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Snopasses are required to use Manitoba trails, cost $150,

and are available at all Manitoba MPI locations and their local agents.

The fine for not having a snowpass is $487.15.

Purchasing a SnoPass provides funding for our snowmobile trails. Our club members create and maintain the trails. Your membership offers you a voice in the direction of snowmobiling in our communities and province.

As a member of Victoria Beach Snow Drifters, you'll receive email updates on events and special projects. You'll know when trails are opening, being groomed and closing. You'll also have opportunities to meet and enjoy good-natured camaraderie with other snowmobilers.

Membership Registration


By purchasing one of the above memberships, you agree the undersigned understands that membership with the Victoria Beach Snow Drifters Club also includes membership with Snoman and you will receive a complimentary subscription to Snow Riders Magazine. As such, I will allow the Victoria Beach Snow Drifters Club to forward on my membership information to Snoman for membership and magazine subscription.